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Liability for Contents

(1) The contents of our homepage have been edited with utmost diligence. However, we do not guarantee that the contents and information provided on are always up-to-date, accurate, complete and correct. Use of the contents of our website is at the User's risk. No contractual relationship between the User and LABOKLIN GmbH & Co. KG shall be established simply by using the website All offers are subject to confirmation and not binding. Any claims for liability against us with respect to any material or immaterial damage which does not concern an injury to life, limb or health and which has been caused by using or not using the information provided or by using erroneous or incomplete information shall generally be excluded unless there is sufficient evidence of deliberate action or serious default on our part.

Links and References

(1) Sometimes, the information provided in the framework of our Internet presence includes links to contents of other content providers (e.g. via so-called "hyperlinks"). We shall only be responsible for such contents if we are positively aware of any potentially incorrect, illegal or criminal contents and if we have the technical possibilities and can reasonably be expected to prevent use of this information. We checked these contents conscientiously at the time when they were placed into the Internet, but we cannot evaluate whether the individual content providers supply incorrect, illegal or incomplete information after having modified their contents subsequently. Due to the technical characteristics of the Internet, we cannot guarantee the completeness and correctness of the information made available in the framework of our Internet presence. In case of any kind of linkage with websites of a Third Party (e.g. via "hyperlinks" or "banners") which are beyond the scope of our responsibility, only the owner of the linked pages shall be responsible for the individual contents. We state explicitly that no illegal contents could be recognized on the pages to be linked at the time when the link was set. We do not have any influence on the current or future design, the contents or the authorship of the linked pages. Therefore, we hereby explicitly disclaim any liability for all contents of all linked pages which have been modified after the link was set. Furthermore, we declare that the opinions presented on linked pages of any Third Party are not our own.

Copyrights and Rights of Identification

(1) The contents and works on this page created by LABOKLIN GmbH & Co. KG are subject to the German Copyright Law.

(2) We endeavour to respect the copyrights for any graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts used in all publications, to use graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts we have created ourselves or to make use of licence-free graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts. The design and the layout of our pages are subject to our copyrights worldwide as far as the rights of any third party are not violated thereby. Unauthorized use, reproduction or transmission of individual contents or pages without our prior consent shall be prosecuted under criminal and civil law.

Final Provisions

(1) All details specified in the registration form for veterinary surgeons /specialist veterinary surgeons must be accurate and up-to-date. Multiple registration as well as a new registration after an exclusion by Laboklin or when access has been blocked shall not be admissible.

(2) The author of any contribution (e.g. message, contribution to the forum, news, survey, event notes or product information) shall have the sole responsibility for the correctness of the contents as well as for any legal consequences resulting therefrom. The distribution of slanderous, reputation-damaging or business-damaging statements, junk mails, spams, chain letters or any documents with advertising character is not be permitted. The author of a contribution agrees to indemnify Laboklin from and against any claims that are raised by a Third Party due to this contribution. All contributions by another author than Laboklin reflect the opinion and standard of knowledge of this particular author. When making a contribution available to the public, the author confers the rights of use to Laboklin and shall not be entitled to claim subsequent deletion of the contribution. Laboklin shall not check the individual contributions for their correctness or validity. Laboklin reserves the right to delete contributions and to exclude authors from using the platform. Any commercial use of the platform shall require the written consent from Laboklin.
(3) LABOKLIN GmbH & Co. KG provides the possibility for editors, agencies and enterprises to publish contributions (e.g. news, novelties, surveys, event notes or product information). The authors shall prepare their contributions in accordance with the highest standards of journalism and see to it that they are up-to-date. We disclaim any liability for the contents of these contributions. We shall not be liable for any incomplete contributions or for contributions that are not rendered correctly or for any editing errors (e.g. typing errors). Distribution or reproduction of any available contributions or parts thereof shall not be permitted and requires in any case the consent of the individual author.

(4) These Rights of Use are part of our Internet presence. Our Internet presence shall be governed exclusively by the Law of the Federal Republic of Germany, the German Code on the Conflict of Laws (EGBGB) being excluded. If parts or individual formulations of these Rights of Use do not comply with or no longer comply with or do not entirely comply with the current statutory provisions, this shall have no effect whatsoever on the contents and validity of the remaining parts of the document.

Data Protection Information

(1) We would like to strengthen the users' confidence in the Internet and therefore provide transparency on how personal data are used. We will describe here how and what kind of information is collected. As far as any personal data (e.g. name, address or e-mail address) are requested, this will always be done on a voluntary basis wherever this is possible.

(2) You can use some areas of our portal without providing any personal data. In other areas, your name, address or other personal data shall be required for the purpose of invoicing, communication of test results, etc..
(3) We will process and save your personal data on our server system. We reserve the right to use these data for the purpose of communicating information. Of course, you can at any time object to this kind of use or request that your data be deleted after all accounting work has been completed. In this case, please send us a message to this respect.

(4) In order to make the use of our portal as easy and agreeable for you, we use so-called cookies. Please note that no safety-relevant data are stored in the cookies.

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